BRIDE - Step by step by Jose Garcia

BRIDE - Step by step by Jose Garcia

Step by step

  1. Before.
  2. Comb horizontal lines with the hair iron turning the hair gently inwards to create a soft and broad set on the hair.
  3. Separate a section on the top of the head, then, with the part on one side, divide the rest of the hair into two sections with a slanted line.
  4. The sloping line is made from the height of the line to the opposite side of the neck.
  5. Comb the lateral section of the part and make a pigtail in low medium in the back area.
  6. Repeat the operation with the opposite section, but this time hold the ponytail above the previous section.
  7. View of finished pony tails.
  8. Comb the bottom pony tail all the way up to the height of the other and fasten it with the shape of a ring.
  9. Next, create another large ring with the upper ponytail making both join in the same point.
  10. Select the rest of the loose hair from both pigtails.
  11. Comb them down to cover the hair bands.
  12. Tease the upper section of the head.
  13. With the help of a polishing brush, comb the hair creating a slight volume.
  14. With your fingers, pinch the hair in fine strands to break the perfection and create a more natural look.
  15. Gently comb the rest of the hair creating a large ring.
  16. Provide the necessary volume on the crown and attach it with forks.


Hair by: Jose Garcia Peluqueros (Pamplona)

MUAH: Isabel García

Stylism: Rosa Clará

Photographer: Roberto Lechado


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Bridal Step by Step
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