DISTIRA Collection by Jose Garcia Peluqueros

DISTIRA Collection by Jose Garcia Peluqueros

A collection based on the enhancement of beauty that emanates from happiness.

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The updos are worked as if they were architectural geometries that provide firmness, security, wisdom and elegance, the result of an empowered and self-confident woman who evokes a timeless and lasting style over time.

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Waves reflect a glamorous elegance, a discreet and laborious technique that tangles with hair as if it were caressing it. This updo with a braid is like a headpiece. The result is as luxurious as it is delicate.

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This avant garde updo fuses the technical geometry of hairdressing in hair with the delicacy of silk. An attractive volume game for brides who look for creativity and originality.

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In updos with ponytails, hair looks free and flowing. A new way of freedom, as if hair was combed by wind, in which naturalness and simplicity are surrounded by the freshness of youth.

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Distira refers to the light we radiate when we are happy, a flash similar to that of the stars, the ray of light at dawn, a subtle glow that arises within us and goes beyond our gaze to illuminate those around us.

This luminous force is reflected in this collection, based on the enhancement of beauty that emanates from happiness. A star-like glow on a clear night or a radiance like the summer sun that is reflected in firm and elegant quasi-architectural wefts of hair that empower the bride. The avant garde is like a symbol of youth or glamor, and simplicity, like a diamond.

Distira is inner brilliance.


Hair: Jose Garcia Peluqueros @josegarciapeluqueros

MUA: Isabel García

Styling: Silvia Fernandez Atelier @silviafernandezatelier

Photography: Roberto Lechado @roberlechado


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