Preview: Tokyo: Olympic inspiration

Tokyo: Olympic inspiration

The Olympic Games are much more than sport. The event shows that values such as effort, courage and tenacity help us to progress, and that we should not believe in our limits, neither physical nor psychological. All this has a lot to do with life and art, and therefore with hairdressing. Different hairdressers have approached the subject, with the same desire of encouraging us to break our image. The image we perceive on the outside, but also the inside.

Ziortza Zarauza, originality that moves talent

Ziortza Zarauza, originality that moves talent

Ziortza Zarauza belongs to a line of hairdressers who have managed to transmit their passion for the profession, not only from generation to generation but also among those around them.

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Ice Blonde: Fascination for Cold Light

Ice Blonde: Fascination for Cold Light

Blondes may seem like a timeless classic, but each season they are renewed. This 2021 they become more daring than ever. The coldest blondes are almost white, and the rest don’t go unnoticed either. Extreme coloring is now inspired by Nordic blondes and offers us transgressive images.

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