Life is shape and color

Life is shape and color

New contours open up new horizons for us. Colors break all limits and surround us with their energy so we can go forward full of strength and impulse.

Opening up to a new reality means letting a new world get inside us. It means being captivated by a universe in which each tone and haircut is a new path and that, when combined in an unexpected way, invites us to take nothing for granted. What we see is always more fantastic than what we imagined.

Hope by Olga García

Hope is built by creating a new gaze, in which difference brings us a new future built with our deepest longings. Vibrant colors take center stage to draw our attention to what matters most, life and what we expect from it.

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IsNew by Hairkrone

All that is new is always surprising. A silhouette that is redesigned based on master haircuts and tones that reinforce, with their strangeness, that we are not the same person. Sometimes the new is the opposite. In other cases, it’s the daring evolution of what we were.

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Inverso by Mikel Luzea

Inverting us and altering us can distinguish us and make us stand out. Instinctively, sometimes we freely let go of what makes us different. We let it go to guide us. Unusual updos with textures that play on neatness, but also deliberate chaos. Natural tones and other intense and unique tones enhance the powerful message of hair.

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After by Raquel Saiz

We are the canvas on which we stamp our emotions, experiences and desires. And after sad experiences, amazing reactions. Hair is a living tissue in which notes of color show a new landscape that we inhabit in the same body.

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