Trésor Collection

Trésor Collection

This collection is inspired by French pirate women of the golden age of the Corsi, between the 17th and 18th century.

“No children or women were allowed on the ship. If a man were found seducing anyone of the opposite sex and took her in disguise, he would suffer death."

For pirates, a woman on board meant bad luck and conflict. However, as the Roberts code reflects, their masculinity often led sailors to pass off their lovers as companions.

Hair colors and makeup are inspired in gemstones. Our imagination is fired upon hearing about some of the most incredible pirate treasures in history. Lots of gold, jewels, precious stones or very rare relics for which many corsairs gave their lives.

In the hair textures we wanted to reflect burnt wood chips and ship's ropes with offset volumes, giving it a baroque touch, where a very modern French pirate woman can be seen.



Hair: Juan Ayoso @Gou Estilistas

Hair Instagram: @juanayoso78

Photography: Esteban Roca

Photography Instagram: @esteban_roca_photo

Retouching: Esteban Roca

Retouching Instagram: @esteban_roca_photo

MUA: Nacho Sanz

MUA Instagram: @nachosanzmakeup

Styling: Esteban Roca

Styling Instagram: @esteban_roca_photo


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